Pack'Flow Standard

The Pack’Flow Workflow System is a comprehensive online proofing and workflow management system.

Fully customizable, this software is an integral piece of the puzzle when it comes to implementing successful marketing project workflows. We upload the latest artwork and reprographic versions of designs, and stakeholders can view and share feedback digitally in real time. This digital asset management system makes light work of the proofing process, and improves communication and synergy between all parties working on a project. Staff members can log in and leave feedback and comments, directing the artwork and text and therefore remain creatively involved in the process of perfecting their project. Numerous review tools are available:

  • Zoom
  • Navigate
  • Rotate
  • Densitometer (to measure colours)

Side by side comparison allows you to get an accurate picture of how your project is coming together, making the proofing and editing process easy and resulting in an amazing finished product with no surprises. The Pack’Flow System is a must when creating packaging services and materials remotely or across different offices to ensure a cohesive finished product.