D2P Solutions

Track and approve your brand lifecycle in real time. Communicate, manage and collaborate with the best brand asset management software.

Online proofing has all the means you need in order to inspect artworks efficiently and meticulously: zoom, navigate, rotate, measure. The densitometer allows you to measure colours on the spot. Online proofing adds traceability, speed, accuracy and simplicity for you.
The online proofing system keeps track of revisions, annotations and approval status, thereby removing this tedious job from the marketing responsible.

Asset Management. Pack'Flow has an asset library in order to store your files and images centrally. Metadata such as brand names, country, factory, material number, various codes as well as job number are linked to the archived files. By means of metadata you are able to select any single item or a group of items, which share common data. Search and access the latest version with ease, simply referencing the previous design.

Task List. Pack’Flow incorporates a task list (also to-do list) for every user. The task list shows the due date and the priority for every task. This way one can easily schedule his work. From the task list you can easily jump to the project information, view Gantt-charts, access the annotation manager and reassign tasks.

The system will send reminders when tasks risk to be expired. You can choose to receive a reminder for every task that reaches its due date or you can choose to receive one e-mail that lists all your expiring tasks.