Print Quality Management

After the production of top quality artwork, DSN Artwork Prepress produces tailor made reprographic files for more than 900 international printers. We are familiar with the details of each and every printer, which ensures that your packaging is printed to the highest achievable standard using any printing technique. In certain cases, and especially new products, new designs, or new brands, a DSN print specialist will attend a print run in order to guarantee 100% print quality for your brand.

Want to achieve color perfection? With DSN’s exclusive and powerful “CHIP” (color harmonisation in packaging) print - quality management platform you can!

“CHIP” provides you with an instantaneous snapshot of your supply chain print quality. As it is integrated with industry third-party control equipment, no additional investments are needed on any side. Color performance is measured and controlled centrally, supported with online scorecards and improvement plans. Result, an improved brand identity while minimizing hidden costs.

Easy to deploy, low cost of ownership and faster response time, CHIP improves confidence in supplier deliver-ability and reduces material waste while delivering improved shelf impact, brand recognition and speed to market.

Features include:

•Fully secured, cloud-based network and database

•Internal and external accessibility

•Global, real-time print quality monitoring

•More printer capabilities insights

•More project stages and end results control

•Standardize supply-chain sampling methodologies