On-site management

Project management is in the beating heart of DSN. Every job, no matter how large or small, starts and finishes with project management. Marketers know how much time and effort go into gathering the correct information and ensuring that projects run smoothly every step of the way. It would be even easier to have one of DSN’s on‑site project managers guiding the workflow and optimising the process to help you achieve your targets. Although digital communication solutions now allow a great deal of the work to be done off-site, nothing beats face-to-face cooperation when working on complex, high-volume projects.

In addition to managing projects, planning and initiating workflows, our on-site managers have technical knowledge that you can tap into for immediate advice. DSN’s on‑site managers can also organise and coordinate pre-press meetings, print run attendances by our print specialists, and many other tasks. Our on‑site managers are your true partners in the design-to-print process.