Colour Management

Fingerprinting for colour consistency across materials.

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Discover our full-service photography agency to ensure your prepress images always look spectacular.

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Artwork Management

Our Artwork Production Services help give your brand a signature look that will deepen the bond and trust between the brand and consumer.

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The food sector has become an arena for competition and innovation in which appetite appeal, health consciousness, sustainability, sensations, and emotions all play an important role.

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Navigating the ever-changing retail market, with its vast number of players and segments, is a challenge we take on every day.

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We have made FMCG our business since the beginning. This means more than just keeping pace with change and foreseeing market developments.

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When it comes to life sciences, accuracy is critical and reliability cannot be underestimated. Our expertise ensures safety and security for our clients in terms of regulatory compliance and consumer legislation while managing large-scale rollouts.

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How Fingerprinting Works

Fingerprinting is the process of determining in every single detail the standard printing conditions of a printer and/or press. The result is a mathematical profile. By using this printer profile DSN is able to predict the final print result taking into account the printing conditions and the substrate.